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The Boobins' and Their Family Friendly Collaborations


When I started my business, I knew collaboration was going to be a key part of my business model and this is no different now I have launched the E-Commerce site Boobin' Mama. 

Lockdown has been tough - yes, I know, nothing like pointing out the obvious. For young small businesses such as mine it has been particularly tough to keep going when you have not yet turned a profit and have no contingency.  This has meant becoming adept at pivoting, in fact I have pivoted so much I am dizzy.  I run two consultancies one of which is in its infancy a business consultancy #KeepingMum® and lockdowns have done little to help its development, the other is a lactation consultancy I run as a private midwife and this was affected by not carrying out face to face visits. I thought to put an e-commerce package together would be an option to maintain cashflow and my businesses profile.


I initially approached a brand I knew was founded by parents of a young family, who launched their business after they had their first child and now have a fabulous range of comfortable trendy clothes from their Tired Mums' and Dads' Club amongst others.  Aimee was so helpful and agreed I could buy some stock to feature on my website.

This gave me the encouragement to design my own range. I began with a small range of slogan gifts for Boobin' Mamas, Papas and Babies. I wanted a collection of organic T-shirts, sweat tops and babywear that would make ideal baby or new parent gifts. My great little network of Mums who have supported me as much as I have supported them through the last 10 months let me test my ideas out on them. It has taken me back to my fashion design and retail days reigniting my design mojo.


When researching printers, it was important to find a local business to fulfil the company’s vision to support local businesses, reduce carbon footprint and support working parents.  I found DTUK local to me, who offer a drop shipping service and run by working parents who value flexibility to fulfil their family needs as well as running a business. Drop shipping was new to me and worked perfectly as a print solution. A great way to fulfil orders without committing too much cash flow and having to find storage in my already full house. When I say full it's not exaggeration, I have two teachers trying to hold remote lessons, a university student trying to get his third year work completed, a sixth former remote learning and me running two consultancies single handed. 

Finally, the reason I wrote this blog. I have some exciting news!!! The launch of a small capsule collection of breastfeeding friendly clothes from our latest collaboration with Altered Apparel. A small business founded by Mum of 3 Lex Ward who I met at the Breastfeeding Festival in Milton Keynes back in 2018. Lex founded the business after her third baby turned one after struggling to find clothes to reflect the real her. After a photography project promoting the normality of breastfeeding in public she started designing. The clothes are stylish yet functional with easy access for your Boobin' Babies and are all manufactured in the UK.


Check out her on going photography project - Empowering Women - Normalising Breastfeeding

If you are looking for a baby shower gift or something for your partner or baby